Thursday, May 31, 2012

As the pass opens, we begin to welcome our westside visitors to the valley. The highway was open this year in time for 49ers weekend, a favorite event for both visitors and locals kicks off our summer season and gets us in the mood for lots of summer fun. Memorial Day weekend was off-the-charts for us, a thankful surprise as we sold more beer than ever that weekend .... up more than 70% over last year. Luckily with our new fermentation tanks and added capacity, we have enough beer this summer to keep our taps flowing. Part of our success has been with all the beer awards that we've been enjoying again this year: First awards this year were from the Denver International Beer Competition where OSB took the gold medal for Ruud Awakening IPA and the silver for Imperial IPA. On to Bellingham Brewfest where we won Judge's Choice for our Imperial Stout. Then came the Untapped Blues and Brews festival in Kennewick where we won the People's Choice for Favorite Brewery. Here's a pic from the Untapped event ... our beautiful OSB beer wenches were on hand to help at this event!
Our new summer menu is out as well. We've changed it around a bit, trying to slide in some more healthy options while maintaining the typical pub choices. Our favorites are back ... Alaskan halibut and chips, Casey's Masterpiece Burger, Alaska Fish Taco Wrap, Methow Appetizer, No Cheese Left Behind Nachos, five delicious salads ... two new ones as well.. An Emmer Farro salad made from locally grown grains, and a crispy River's Wedge topped with avocado, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and a new homemade yogurt-bluecheese dressing. Yum. We're making more of our own sauces and adding our special spices and touches to these meals. For the hearty appetite, we have a Double Burger Tower on the menu ... two patties, onion rings, spicy speciality mustard made by Rockinghourse Bakery and using our beer, lettuce, tomato, onion! Almost too big to eat. Plus, Stephanie has gone wild with the music scene this summer. I believe we have the summer pretty book already and she's working on the fall date now. The Log Jam, our riverside stage, is a perfect blend of amazing acoustics and ambiance. Who gets to listen to world-class music, dance on the patio, steps from the Chewuch River ... all while drinking a cold, award-winning brew. Not a bad way to spend the summer. Hope to see you there!

Best Adventure Bars in the U.S. | Switchback Travel

Best Adventure Bars in the U.S. | Switchback Travel

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here we go!

Spring is in the air and that means summer is just around the corner.  We are all feeling the pressure here at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, but it is also very exciting.  Blaze is hitting the tanks pretty hard and brewing more than ever; we've got to keep the taps flowing this summer.  Laura and Vicki (our new kitchen manager) have been busy preparing our new menu that will debut in May.  I have been doing a lot too (hard to believe, I know); hiring lots of new staff and booking a ton of ridiculously good music.  It's interesting to me how much credit I get for having good taste in music, but I can't take any credit from the talented musicians that rock our house, Old Schoolhouse that is.  If you've ever been to an epic night of music here at Old Schoolhouse you know that I am usually there.  How can I stay away?!  If I can, I try to get out of Winthrop and catch some shows in Seattle (usually), but I have to say, I never have as much fun as I do when I'm at OSB.  When I'm here it's just feels good, I am with really cool people listening to really cool music drinking really cool beer.  Can it get any better than that?  I often tell Laura, "we sure do know how to throw a party!"  If anyone wants to thank me for booking great music, they should also thank Laura for letting me run with it, she really trust me.  I don't always hit the mark with every band, but it's pretty close most of the time.  Here are some names you should look out for this summer: Eternal Fair May 26 and 27, The Chis Eger Band June 15 and 16, Fiasco June 22nd, Massy Ferguson Band June 30th,  The True Spokes July 20 and 21, Con Brio July 27, Ayron Jones and the Way August 11, and what kind of summer would it be without our good friends Cody Beebe and the Crooks August 31st.  That's all for now, but more to come.  You can find our entire music schedule at Old Schoolhouse Brewery.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good things

Good things are happening here at the brewery, good beer, good food and good music.  These days I am drinking the "big beers," that's what Blaze would say, who recently tapped the 2011 Barley Wine and 2010 Imperial Stout.  They are both so good but we have a very limited supply of it, so I have to get it while I can.  The food is really hitting the spot too, Ivan's smoked salmon chowder is served on Saturday and I look forward to this all week.  It's become such a big hit and we've been running out well before the kitchen closes, so this is also something you have to show up early for and...get it while you can.  I know that I talk a lot about the great music we've been having here this winter, but I can't help it.  Last night was an epic night of music, I was amazed by these musicians, I feel so lucky to be able to see world class musicians right here where I work.  Redwood Son and Tim Snider put on one of the best shows I have ever seen.  Keep an eye on these guys, they have something really special going on.  Besides that, we had Kendl and Joe from the Blackberry Bushes do a duo gig here and gosh they're good.  They both have these beautiful unique voices that you can't help but fall in love with.  Next month is going to be good too.  A few shows I wont miss will be the Blackberry Bushes the 10th and 11th, Tommy Simmons on the 17th, and Spoonshine on the 18th and 19th.  I hope you enjoy all the links I gave you, they're definitely worth you time.

See you at OSB,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winter is here!

Winter is in full swing here at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, and I love it.  After a very busy summer, it is so nice to cozy up to everyone here in the brewery.  It’s a tight spot and you get to know everyone really well when you’re shoulder to shoulder.  This winter I have booked the biggest variety of bands and solo musicians ever, I am so excited; I can’t believe all the musicians are willing to drive so far to play here!  We have a couple new and exciting things going on here at OSB this winter, one: we have daily dinner specials that are dynamite; so far I can’t decide which special is my favorite.  Laura says the specials are comfort food and if that is the case, I am very comfortable this winter.  Two: is music on Saturday nights!  As long as I find someone to play them, I’m booking them.  Whenever I blog I have to shout out to my main squeeze Blaze for making incredible beer!  Imperial stout is back and very yummy.  Getting back to music, we have a lot of new faces making an appearance here.  Yesterday we had Paul Benoit, his sound was very bluesy, his guitar skills were fantastic and his songwriting was top notch (  Tonight we have a new group called The Wicks (, their music sounds good, and I am looking forward to hearing them.  I am also excited that The Wicks duo turned into a four piece and I didn’t have to pay more, yay!  We also have Spoonshine coming in February, I’ve been trying to book these guys to play here for a while now, mission accomplished (  Everything is coming along, I’ll keep in touch with you guys here on our blog, hope to see you at the brewery!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

October news at the pub

Off to Washington DC: Casey and I are flying out to Washington DC to pour beer for our members of congress at the 10th Annual Congressional Beer Tasting at the Rayburn Building in Washington DC.  There will be about 30 breweries from around the country at this event.  We'll have a chance to chat it up with the decision makers ... maybe they will be interested in the story of our small business successes and challenges in Winthrop, WA.  We'll take lots of pictures and give an update on how it goes.

New School ESB Beer:  We brewed a new summer seasonal this year, New School ESB.  This extra-special bitter ale was a huge summer hit and we were so pleased with how it turned out that we decided to add it to our regular lineup.  We will brew it in place of Blazing Amber, at least for now.  Labels are in the process of being made, then you'll see it in the stores (at least locally).  

Brewery Expansion Project:  We have been dealing with the wonderful problem of not being able to produce enough beer to meet demand.  “Success to the point of failure” as a friend said the other day.  But that’s all about to change with the three new shiny fermentation tanks that have been installed in our new addition at the pub.  Our goal is to have them up and running by year’s end, then we can expand our distribution and meet summer’s demand next year as well. 

New Fall Menu:  Comfort food is the focus of our fall menu.  We’ve brought back some of the original favorites—Sweet Potato Fries, Beer Belly Chili, Halibut Fish Tacos.  New this season are daily soup specials featuring Black Bean Soup, Clam Chowder, Smoked Salmon Chowder, Turkey Noodle Soup, and Fiesta Chicken Soup.  Daily dinner entrees are being offered and include Lasagna, Chicken Curry Stir-Fry, Turkey Dinner, Beef Stroganoff, and Taco Night.  We have a new salad too, the Windorf (Winthrop’s version of the Waldorf Salad), so there is something for everyone on the menu.

WWW.OLDSCHOOLHOUSEBREWERY.COM:  Check out our new updated website.  There are descriptions of each beer, more info about the food and menu, our music schedule, community links, videos, and lots more.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Stephanie's Post-Summer Blog

Summer is officially over but it hasn’t really slowed down here at Old Schoolhouse.  This year in my opinion, has been the best ever, in every department.  First and foremost our staff has been outstanding, they work hard (really hard), they are dependable and passionate about our beer, our music and in general Old Schoolhouse Brewery.   Besides the fact that I work side by side with everyone and know how great everyone is, this has been our busiest summer yet and it didn’t feel like we had to work as hard as we have in the past.  This is because we have our act together a little more each year but mostly we have a stellar staff.  Me, Blaze, Evan, Casey and Laura have all been able to count on our staff more than ever and we’ve all been able to have a really fun filled summer.  In the years past, taking even one day off was really hard to do.  I can speak for everyone and say that we are all grateful for that!  Second, our beer is off the charts incredible; that’s all I have to say about that.  And last, was our epic summer of music!  I worked really hard this year to get the biggest variety of talent here.  And thanks to all of our beer loving, dance crazy Old Schoolhouse fans, it was a success.  Thank you so much to all our fans, without your support nothing we are working towards would be possible.  I also want to let everyone know how much I appreciate the musicians that come through here.  They come here and play here butts off for “tens of dollars” and rock the house (Schoolhouse) week after week and I love them all!  So, let’s gear up for an awesome fall and winter.  This year we are doing something brand new.  We will be open 7 days a week at least through hunting season and after hunting season we will be open Thursday’s and Monday’s.   Please check our website for winter hours.